September 21, 2022


Adventure Outdoors Magazine and the team of professionals at Acumen Marketing Group have a combined passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for what we do every day.  And what we do is bring an exceptionally well-put-together magazine out into the world four times a year.  Our combined experience in the world of publishing, writing, graphics design, social media, logistics, sales, and marketing makes our publications a valuable tool that even the savviest marketing genius would implement into marketing strategies. 

Publishing Adventure Outdoors Magazine is not an easy task at all.  It takes many long hours, attention to detail, market research, client care around the clock, deadlines, time management skills, quality control, logistics, and so much more.  But It’s not about how hard it is, it’s about the way we feel when we’re done. It’s the love of what we do and the people we become because of it that makes our jobs so rewarding.  It is also the relationships that we build with our colleagues all over the world, and our clients who we cherish and are grateful to know them. 

We all love a good rush, the feeling of brisk air while hiking or camping, skiing down a double diamond trail, kayaking the white water rapids, or fishing on the Snake River.  Some people only dream about doing these things, and some get out there and actually live it.  We choose to live it and to bring those destinations to you in well crafted, effective media channels.  

Enjoy the next issue of Adventure Outdoors Magazine – For the adventurer in all of us.

Launch your next campaign, your next engagement, and your next go-to-market strategy by connecting with the world’s largest active lifestyle participant network.

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